June 21  -  August 15   M/W   $475

6:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST  5:00PM - 9:00pm CST

Start your new career. Get your real estate license and be your own boss!!!

About this Event

In order to become a licensed real estate salesperson in the state of Alabama an individual must apply for the state license. To apply for a license in Alabama you must take and complete 60-course hours of instruction. The course must be approved by the Alabama Real Estate Commission prior to sitting for the license examination. This class is designed with the use of technology, required reading assignments, and several in-class and take-home tests for complete understanding of the subject matter. Classes are interactive and taught on the comprehension/analytical levels of learning.

This course is designed for you to study, learn and prepare for the Alabama State salesperson’s examination. Small classes give time for more instructor/student discussion and interaction relating to the various topics. Our courses use technology, reading supplements and hands-on activities.


This is an intense learning experience which requires lots of attention. It will engage you in a major way and cover the following aspects of real estate: real estate business, agency and RECAD, real property, contracts, buying, selling, leasing real estate, overview of appraisal processes, overview of finance processes, the math of real estate, the specifics of Alabama real estate law.


There are -15 in-class evening sessions to include a 2.0 hour midterm examination and a full 3.0 hour final examination. If during the day, there are the total days of instructions will be determined if twice a week or three times a week. Both examinations REQUIRE MINIMUM SCORES OF 75%. This is a in person class. 

NEPCO,LLC does not offer refunds within the 10days prior to start date. We honor your registration for the next available class within one year time period.

Dates and times: M/W June 21  -  Aug 15th. IN Person  - 7830 Veterans Parkway, Columbus, GA

EST 6pm -10pm Central 5pm to 9pm

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GEORGIA  -  Pre -Licensing Full session 75 hrs  $495
                  Registration closes June 18th by 7:30pm 
Classes meets  Friday evenings and all day Saturday. 

•    This course, once passed,  will provide you the opportunity to sit for the Georgia State Exam.  You must complete all requirements and pass the mid term and the  final exams with a minimum score of 72% on each.  Course is designed for individuals who are more comfortable with half day classes and more evening classes to allow for working  learners on full time jobs.   When  you have passed the course with a 72% or above for overall average, you will then be eligible to register for the state exam.  You will  learn about real and personal properties, how to own and transfer the ownership, agency law, contract law, antitrust laws  ethics and fair housing, financing and mortgage fraud, proper pricing, and Georgia specific license laws ,rules and regulations.  This course satisfies the Georgia requirement for eligibility to register for state exam. Offered by one of Georgia Real Estate Commission’s licensed and approved schools for licensing.  We are full -time and fully licensed for all classes.  Until further notice, this course will be taught by way of live ZOOM until further notice from the commission.  
   Start date is June 18 Friday evening ( 5:30 to  9:30 pm. ) Saturdays 9am to 4pm .  Total of 10 hours of instruction for the weeken.  End date is Aug 13 with Final Exam on Aug 14th.  


ALABAMA POST LICENSE (First-year agents ) 

Alabama Post License   (30-hour course )  Covers all tops above and added disclosures for Alabama and Alabama licensing rules and regulations.  This course is designed to accommodate students of active and hands-on experience for business growth.  Contracts, RECAD, License rules, Agency law, CMA and Seller/Buyer Clients presentations.    


In-person classes.  Friday evenings and All day Saturdays. 

Sept 10,11,24,25,Oct. 1,2

Friday times; 5-9pm CST/6-10 EST

Saturdays 10-5pm CST/9-4pm EST

$135/per student for 30 hours.



#67621  GEORGIA POST LICENSING ( 25 HRS CE First Year Agents only)  


Sept 13 -,14,15,20,21 , 2021  9pm 5hrs per evening. 

This course will address topics for national and local venues relating to real estate laws and rules.  Learners will revisit the topics of their licensing course and reinforce their understanding of the topics. There is a required post-exam.

  • (1)- Agency Law  (2) - Antitrust Laws

  • (3) - Contract Law 

  • (4) - Ethics

  • (5) - Fair Housing

  • (6) - Mortgage Fraud

  • (7)-  Proper Pricing Vs. CMA

  • (8)- Property Management

  • (9)- Trust Fund Handling

  • (10) - Conclusion/ testing

  • Class opens with an oral review through a pre-test activity of 20 questions. 15 min. given to see what the students remember on each topic.   The discussion will be driven based on pre-test answers.  However, all subjects will be addressed through presentations, projects, and exams. Each session is taught through the technological use of PowerPoint presentations and group interactions (opening activities).




Fair Housing IS for Everyone  $55 board members  $60 for non-board  (6 hrs CE) 

October 5  9:30 - 4:30pm

Overview of Fair Housing  Act and  Protected groups. Discussion of proper and improper advertising; Safety  & the Law; Serious review of the violations and discrimination case studies; Review of the American Disabilities Act and Servicemen Relief Act and the hard sensitive questions of how to be fair and open and honest when working in the real estate industry.  The course is designed with role-modeling, technological and hands-on activities, deep discussions, and written assignments. If you work in the real estate industry as a professional, you just MUST take this course.  You owe it to yourself to become more aware and more knowledgeable in today’s world. You can have fun and learn a lot with the proper activities and resources.


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